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-- (This link) goes directly to the heart of my open letter to Arnie Gunderson of two days ago ....

Based upon my entire career of document examination I consider the source documents used in this piece to be as unimpeachable and authentic as any I have ever seen or used in my own work. Examine and challenge them for yourself. Every standard I have ever used or been shown to apply to documentation has been met. All that remains then is the spiritual/emotional strength to read and understand the English language.

Easier said than done.

-- It is my prayer and deepest heartfelt wish that somehow what follows can be shown to be incorrect. If it is correct, however, then in my estimation ONLY two important questions remain to be asked. They are, “Exactly how much radiation has been released and how many human beings have already been fatally exposed and in what regions of the Northern Hemisphere?” And, “As radiation continues to spread – especially for more dangerous isotopes like plutonium – is this then an eventual life-terminating release of radiation for the entire planet?”

Based upon the full documentation and the excerpts below I can come to no other conclusion but that all of the radiation stored in SFPs 2, 3 and 4 has already been released. And I would suspect the same thing for Unit 1. The redactions make it impossible to know for sure. Please, please, make and take the time to read the full transcript(s) for yourself and see what you understand.

I beg all those endorsing the TEPCO charade about fuel assembly removal at SFP 4 to clarify your positions and maintain your credibility in our eyes.

NRC Transcript – TEPCO relayed information Unit 4 SFP Dry – Walls collapsed and incapable of holding inventory – Unit 3 “everything else gone”


[ ]….NRC CHAIRMAN JACZKO: Yes. So, again, just to repeat, we believe pool No. 4 is dry, and we believe one of the other pools is potentially structurally damaged?

CHUCK CASTO: That’s correct…

CHUCK CASTO: And we certainly know, I think we absolutely know that pool No. 4, though, the walls have collapsed –

BRUCE: — you indicated that the walls of the pool were damaged or down?
NRC CHAIRMAN JACZKO: I’m not going to get into that level of detail. I mean the relevant factor is it’s dry.
CHUCK CASTO: Yes, and they can’t maintain inventory at all…

MALE PARTICIPANT: But it’s okay because he’s not going to get into that level of detail. But we just need to be careful about consistency in the assessment of the information. I know it’s going to change, too.
CHUCK CASTO: Yes, well, we were consistent. That’s what we heard; that’s the last we were told, that the walls were not there…

BILL RUAN (phonetic): Okay. I just talked to Jim Trapp. And let me try to give you the background of where some of this information comes from.

CHUCK CASTO: So, it’s drained.
BILL RUAN: Yes. Right, right.
CHUCK CASTO: That’s what I was saying, you can’t get water in it.
BILL RUAN: Yes, because there’s no fuel pool left.
BILL RUAN: Unit 3, he believes
And basically, everything else is gone, and at least in his opinion, and, of course,
Chuck knows this, Jim’s opinion is there’s no water in the pool.
BILL RUAN: Unit 3.
Unit 2, he believes it’s drying out. If you look at the top of the building now, that hole that they created, there’s steam coming out of that hole.
CHUCK CASTO: It’s in dryout.
BILL RUAN: They’re drying it out.
And, then, the only pool that might be okay is Unit 1…

MALE PARTICIPANT: -You know, as Jim has pointed out, when you do your calculations to get your nuclear engineering degree, you do your radiation, you know, what’s the dose rate for the single fuel assembly? You know, you get like a million R an hour.
And we’ve got how many fuel assemblies?
BRUCE: Hey, Chuck?
BRUCE: One of the questions that we’ve had is we’re getting some conflicting information, and Bill may have something more up-to-date than me. But it looked like there were a lot of attempts to try to get power back to the site. And so, we’ve heard in one instance that they’ve got the power line back to sites; others, that they’re still working on it.
CHUCK CASTO: Yes, we don’t have any information on that I’ve heard. The only thing, Bruce, I mean it’s always helpful to get power back.
But my understanding is it’s really just not going to do any good…...[ ]

To see transcript GO HERE

The full NRC transcript is available HERE

This appears to answer some of the questions posed by Mike Ruppert earlier

Gundersen soon after 3/11:
Photo shows nuclear fuel is exposed to air at Fukushima Unit 4 fuel pool — Clean path for plutonium to escape offsite

23 February, 2013

Title: New Images Reveal Nuclear Fuel Rack Exposed to Air 
Source: Fairewinds Energy Education
Date: March 30, 2011h/t Arnie Gundersen

Emphasis Added

Fairewinds Chief Engineer, Arnie Gundersen: This picture is undated, but when it was taken, it clearly shows that there is no water in the pool. If you look, there’s a green, a long, green device. That’s the refueling bridge. Normally that glides along on rails above the pool, and the pool is that crystal-clear water that you’re used to seeing. Well, after the explosion it has collapsed and is lying in the pool. Between seconds thirty-three and thirty-seven on this video you can see little boxes. The little boxes are just to the left of that green bridge. The boxes are in air. Those boxes are the top of nuclear fuel racks. They’re supposed to be under thirty feet of water. They’re not.
What that means to me is a couple things. First off, the top of the nuclear fuel is exposed. Perhaps all the nuclear fuel is exposed, but certainly the top is. You can see steam coming up, but not from the top of the fuel. [From] down further in the cavity there is steam coming up. So, the water that they’re spraying in is hitting the nuclear fuel and creating steam, but it’s not filling that swimming pool. The water has two purposes: cooling, but also shielding. That means the fuel is unshielded. [...]

The other thing it means to me is that the nuclear fuel itself is extraordinarily hot, and the plutonium inside can become volatile. I spoke yesterday, in the [I mean] earlier update [today], about cerium being discovered offsite and plutonium being discovered, and the fact that the nuclear fuel pool does not have water in it, to me, indicates that it might be a clean path for those heavy elements to be escaping from the building and being discovered offsite. I would recommend, based on this, that the evacuation zone should be pushed back further […]

Fukushima Update New Images Reveal Nuclear Fuel Rack Exposed to Air - March 31, 2011

Video streaming by Ustream

Mike Ruppert admits that he has been wrong about Fukushima #4

I spent 21 years dedicated to 12 Step recovery and still today try to live by those principles every day. One of essential components of that spiritual walk is that whenever we discover that we have been wrong (incorrect is less judgmental), we promptly admit it openly and change (amend) our behavior.

For maybe two months I pushed aside Hatrick Penry's work. There were many reasons and they all fall under the heading of personal faults for which I alone am responsible.

1. There was too much material. I was working 16 hours a day already and I, feeling my years, did not force myself to examine it all. Hatrick Penry is my karmic payback for all of the reading I have made others do throughout my journey.

2. When the material was first presented to me it was packaged in messages that said that 3/11 was a deliberately-orchestrated event like 9-11. Inasmuch as it is increasingly appearing that Fukushima is likely life-terminating for everything (including the elites in charge) I could not envision a motive (and still can't). I concede the possibility now that it was a deliberate man made event because I can no longer eliminate that as a possibility. We all still need to see a motive. Population reduction does not wash because there is no way to control the outcome with this much radiation out there. Plants and animals are dying too and man cannot live outside the web of life.

3. By mid-November, however, it was glaringly obvious that what was transpiring around SFP 4 was an insulting, tissue-paper thin deception. What had been abundant news coverage about leaks and failures at Fukushima dried up as fast as SFP 4's cooling water. It was then that Hatrick Penry's superb documentation began to obviously correspond more to the actual physical realities, what we were observing, than the trickle of news stories about the phony removal of the non-existent contents of SFP 4.

4. Rags, my dog went missing on Nov 15 and I spent 5 frantic days searching for him as it became more and more clear that Hatrick Penry was driving nails of good documentary analysis left and right. I was unable to keep up.

This is how we arrived at what I have done since last Sunday.

My entire career is based upon using the exact same methodology to analyze documents that Hatrick Penry uses. He is absolutely excellent and judicious at it. I am mightily impressed. He is circumspect and very careful to cross reference. He takes great care to document every assertion, just as I always have.

So, I sincerely apologize for not getting on top of this sooner or adding my voice and energy to this message before now. I am older now and losing a little steam but I can hand off the baton and say that I couldn't do any better with the documents than he is doing right now.

This is the way it's done. This is the way it's done right.

Listen to the man. Listen to the man.

Final analysis on Unit 4 hoax, evidence on Unit 3, Plume-Gate highlights

@20:16 email is from Voglewede, John
Entire document found here (email on pg 416): ‪ 

NRC officials Jaczko and Casto on Unit 4 link to NRC FOIA document...incredible evidence: 


SitRep Unit 4 dry document found here: ‪

NRC FOIA documents pertaining to Japan: ‪

Something Wicked This Way Comes: The story of Plume-Gate, the world's largest, provable cover-up: ‪

Fear and Loathing on Fukushima Unit 4 (a profuse amount of FOIA evidence on Unit 4 SFP): ‪

Video: Unit 4 hoax underway: ‪

Just as Shazzam and I suspected they are removing the UNUSED fuel rods that would NOT have produced heat like used fuel rods do, especially if they are from a fresh offload. The other fuel inventory has likely been reduced to rubble.
"22 unused fuels will be moved to the cask a task which is planned to be completed by November 19" ~TEPCO press release found here: ‪

TEPCO warns media about filming Unit 4 offload:
"Nov. 21, 2013: [...] we have noticed that some news media released videos, taken from the air, of the on-premise transportation from the Unit 4 Reactor Building to the Common Pool Building [...] Some of those videos contain information (such as the transportation schedule, a route of the transportation, and activities of security guards) the disclosure of which conflicts with "Measures To Be Taken for Physical Protection of Specific Nuclear Fuel Material" stipulated in the Nuclear Reactor Regulation Law. The regulatory agency is also aware of this matter, and instructed us to request the media to act with attention to physical protection. As we have already requested the media members on many occasions, in view of physical protection, please refrain from taking pictures and videos of the physical protection facilities such as the building entrances and exits, fences, sensors, and cameras as well as the cask transportation currently conducted. [*Physical protection: To protect nuclear materials and facilities against the theft or unauthorized diversion of nuclear materials and against the sabotage of nuclear facilities]"

TEPCO press release for above quote found here: ‪

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